Tablescapes Tiles: Urban Streets - Clean - Display Board (4 Tiles)

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One Tablescapes Tiles set in the Urban Streets - Clean theme with 4 tiles (4 unique designs), enough to create a 2x2' table with a decorative border assembly, and removable placard for army name placement.

The Display Board includes a modular, decorative border that also adds stability to players using the tiles to display their armies, or warbands.

Tablescapes Tiles are themed series of 1X1 ft injection molded HIPS plastic tile terrain. Each carefully crafted tile features more than 20 million polygons in resolution and is compatible with a wide variety of scenery and bases, not to mention many other themes in the Tablescapes Tile line!

Not only does the terrain look fantastic but it is highly versatile, customizable and easy to assemble and disassemble as well. Tablescapes Tiles can accommodate everything from a warband display board right up to the biggest multiplayer battles. Cross compatibility between themes such as Scrap Yard and Rolling fields means even more possibilities and narratives open up by mixing and matching sets.

Featuring 16 unique tiles in this theme, you would likely be playing for years before ever having to use the same assembly combination twice. Adding themed scenery only enhances the already staggering possibilities!


Making sure Tablescapes tiles were easy to assemble was a significant priority from day one. Our proprietary compression clips do a better, faster job at not only ensuring a speedy, perfect assembly than anything currently on the market. The priority is making sure breaking down and setting up the board is no obstacle to gaming!

Due to their size and weight International Orders for Tablescape Tiles will require an additional charge and may be shipped separate from the rest of your order. If this applies you will be contacted after ordering with what the balance is.