Fractured Pavement Round Bases

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Fractured Pavement round bases

The smell of fuel is in the air.  Wild howls of bikers and marauders along with the rumble of engines truly gets the blood pumping. Besides the bodies, the only thing this gang leaves behind them is fractured pavement. Our fractured pavement bases are very versatile, whether you want your soldiers marching into a city that has been beset by tanks and other heavy armor or you want your biker gang to be riding around on their own turf, fractured pavement are the bases for you!

As with all our products, these are hand-crafted (artisanal, you might say) resin bases made right here in the U.S. of A.

Remember, when working with resin (sanding, drilling, cutting, etc...) it is advisable to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the dust.

Painted items are for show only. You will receive new unpainted items that you order.