Scale75 Environments - SCI-FI Basing Kit


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Create elaborate bases for your Games Workshop Warhammer 40K (Space Wolves, Astra Miliaturm), Age of Sigmar (Stormcast Eternals), Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth strategy game, and D&D models.  Set includes an instruction guide, 4 drop bottle paints, 2 tube paints, 2 pigments, & 3 textured pastes, .

Enivornment sets are great for a one stop shop to have a complete basing product.

Paints included:

  • Acid Pink
  • Orange
  • Fairy Blood
  • Orange Neon
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Dark Ultramarine

Pigments included:

  • Sienna
  • Nebula Blue
  • Alien Pink

Textured pastes included:

  • Life on Mars
  • Pandora Blue
  • Puruple Suns