Scale75 Scalecolor Inktensity Ink set


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Scale75 Scalecolor paints product Inktensity Ink set. Set includes 8 drop bottle paints

This series covers a fantastic range of inks to intensify colors, glaze into shadows and add definition to metal and other surface treatments. This set is including 8 acrylic ink paints which are very smooth and very brilliant.  They have a dense pigment and a fluid base that makes them extremely effective for blending and glazing techniques. Ideal for brush and airbrush.  Paints included:

1x Inktense Black SC79
1x Inktense Wood SC80 
1x Inktense Chesnut SC81
1x Inktense Violet SC82
1x Inktense Blue SC83
1x Inktense Green SC84
1x Inktense Red SC85
1x Inktense yellow SC86