Scale75 Environments - Cold Basing Kit


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Create elaborate bases for your Games Workshop Warhammer 40K (Space Wolves, Astra Miliaturm, Leagues of Votann), Age of Sigmar (Stormcast Eternals), Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth strategy game, and D&D models.  Set includes an instruction guide, 5 drop bottle paints, 3 textured pastes, & 5 auxiliary products.

Enivornment sets are great for a one stop shop to have a complete basing product.

Paints included:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Sunset Purple
  • Sky Blue
  • Artic Blue
  • Hiril Blue

Textured Pastes included:

  • Flat
  • Soiled Snow
  • Fresh Snow

Valuable auxiliary products included:

  • Crystals
  • Artificial Snow
  • Wet
  • Odorless Thinner
  • Water & Puddles