Flex NBA - Deluxe 2 Player Starter Set

Flex NBA

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The Starter Set is the place to start your FLEX NBA Battle Tile Game (BTG) experience.  A 2-player set that includes an assortment of 10 FLEX NBA Player Tiles ("Flexagons").  Check out the special 3D AR animations and register each Flexagon in the Companion App.  Download it for FREE today on the Google Play or Apple App stores!  Each Flexagon has a barcode that is never repeated, making every one unique, and counterfeit resistant. 

This set includes everything 2 players need to play a 5-on-5 FLEX NBA game right out of the box.  These are offered first come, first serve.  

Return Policy:

  • Returns will be handled on an individual bases due to the nature of each item being unique and to ensure that the value of the product is protected.  NO RETURNS are allowed on opened packages.