Barmkin Hard Top/Low Roof Kit

Blood & Skulls Industry

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The Barmkin Barmkin Hard Top/Low Roof Kit comes with a custom hull consisting of six (6) pieces plus a hull adapter that is compatible with our Uktena Chassis, the Imperial Guard Chimera APC kit, or can be used to scratch build your own vehicle.  The hull is 2.9 inches (73mm) long, 1.9 inches (49mm) wide, and 1.8 inches (46mm) tall.  All pieces are supplied unpainted.

This Hull is fully compatible with the GW Imperial Guard APC Turret and following Light Turrets:

  • Bobcat Light APC Turret
  • Lynx Light APC Turret
  • Leopard Light APC Turret
  • Puma Light APC Turret
  • Light Tank Turret MKI
  • Light Tank Turret MKII