Airbrush Stencil Sticker Hotrod Flames #22

Anarchy Models

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Anarchy Models Stencil sticker Hotrod Flames #22

  • The Hotrod Flames #22 stencil features multiple positive stencil pieces that you lay down in layers to create the pattern.

    (No.2 refers to the size of the stencil, with the smallest measurement of any stencil piece being 2mm)

    Obviously, you can use any colors of your choice, not just those shown.

    As standard, our HD stencils come on an (approximately) A4  sized sheet designed to fold down the middle, or sometimes 2x A5 sheets end to end, either way, you get the same amount of stencils.

    (A4 = 297 x 210mm or 11.7 x 8.3 inches)

    Our HD stencil System utilizes a thin flexible self-adhesive film material specially designed for this purpose, featuring the following properties.

    • It is self-adhesive, but with low tac, to help stop it peeling paint from your models
    • Solvent proof, should you wish to use solvent-based paints.
    • Has a moderate amount of stretch to help it go in and around complicated detail.
    • transparent, so you can see exactly where you are putting it, but slightly grey in color so you can still see it.

    Our HD stencils are best used with an  airbrush, but some spray cans may be used if care is taken, and they are a thin spray like many primers (gloss sprays will not work well)
    Some designs can also work well when used with a sponge to apply the paint.
    Brush painting is not ideal but could be used for some designs if great care was taken.