40K - Leviathan Space Marine Bundles

Elrik's Hobbies

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All bases needed for the Warhammer 40K - Leviathan Space Marine bundles sets.  This set includes:

(1) 25mm
(15) 32mm
(8) 40mm
(1) 50mm
(1) 90mm

Bundles are offered in Alien Diamond Plate, City Ruins, Fractured Pavement, Imperial Walkway, and Siege Works.  Additionally, we will have sets for the Secret Weapon Ruined Temple, Steel Plating, and Urban Streets.

You can find our Warhammer 40K - Leviathan Tyranids Bundle sets here:

Leviathan Tyranids Bundle

Image provided for each set shows the Elrik's Hobbies 90mm theme of each set and the Secret Weapon Miniatures 100mm theme for each set (this is the basis for the 90mm).  For the Elrik's Hobbies bases, check out each individual base line for the other base sizes.

Painted items are for show only. You will receive new unpainted items that you order.