Adepticon 2016

Posted by Antonio Maldonado on

The force is strong with ModCube! Twenty lucky X-wing participants will receive a free ModCube Dogfight set simply for playing in one of the many X-Wing events at AdeptiCon 2016.

You can configure a cube for X-wing with a standard loadout of action faces, like Focus, Evade, Stress, Target Lock, Target Lock/Focus and Target Lock/Stress. Additionally each cube is highly customizable, for example, you switch out a Target Lock for Cloak when playing with Phantoms or include a two Focus faces for Moldy Crow. It is entirely up to you, and that's the beauty of the ModCube!

The ModCube is an innovative gaming accessory which allows you to keep six gaming tokens of your choosing on a single cube. It was revealed at AdeptiCon in 2015, funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is finally available!